Succulent & Pumpkin Party

Riding the Pinterest trend of the season, I had an idea to put together a pumpkin-decorating class using succulents, seasonal flowers, and local foliage. Luckily, my friend was excited about the idea and offered to host the party at her house and invite other ladies that would be eager participants. 

Flyer I made for the event.

Flyer I made for the event.

Here is the scene as it was set for the participants. I laid out the cut succulents, flowers, and other natural elements. One would then pick out options for your pumpkin and begin designing!

Everyone's pumpkins turned out simply fantastic! And it was great fun to provide a little guidance in creating their masterpieces.

The following designs are originals of my own that I created in preparation for these events.

If you're interested in hosting a similar event, please contact me at or 214-548-0692.